Dedicated To Building Better Homes

Our company was born through the disappointments of finding new homes in South East England that were of poor quality and not responsibly built either ethically or in physical construction. At incorporation, our team had no prior experience in home construction; only a dream of how we felt homes should be built and function.


Sentera was founded in 2010 with a simple vision: to build homes that we would be proud to live in ourselves.


From the beginning our determination and collective instinct in knowing what we wanted for our customers, and the will to never compromise on this instinct, has been the keystone to our success.


Since incorporation we have been a fast growing, dynamic company that is not hindered or shy in questioning traditional building materials and practices to make way for new ideas, new technology and ultimately new living spaces.



Our company’s moral compass is our bond to our customers, and this promise is integral to every facet of our business, forged through: Creativity, Passion, Trust and Harmony.



More often than not, it's the smallest things in a design that can have the largest impact. Functional roomy living spaces stimulate and inspire each step of our design creativity.



Dedicated to producing new homes that transmit the sense of being built with passion, stems from our endless focus on achieving a home that embraces a better way of living.



Genuine concern, care and empathy as well as honesty, open and direct communication, merged with technical competence are the foundations we set for gaining trust.



Beautifully finished interiors and an airy feel make for an enjoyable living experience, this combined with low running costs make for a homely feeling that won't cost the earth.


Sustainability is all about doing things in a way that meets our own needs but doesn't stop people in the future meeting their needs as well. The way we treat the environment is important to sustainability because everything we need for our survival and wellbeing depends, directly or indirectly, on the environment. Our developments have been "designed for life" embracing the meaning of sustainability within the construction industry.


We pride ourselves in being committed to reducing the environmental impact when delivering new homes from design, construction and management. We aim to reduce the carbon footprint and material costs through efficient use of our resources.


Planning the social consequences of a new development affect societies and has a real impact on people’s lives. We carefully consider the impact and design for the people who live in and around our sites, providing environments that contribute to our physical and mental health.


Sentera™ bases its Economic sustainability not only on its own business profitability and long term strategy, but also job creation, training and local investment, maintaining mutual growth and prosperity.